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Smiles & feedback

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Seeing our patients smile and receiving such wonderful feedback, is what drives us to provide the best possible treatment for them. Thank you Angela for giving us permission to share the following from our Millwater Dental Google review page:

"I have recently had my two front teeth crowns removed after 30 odd years and replaced by Jason at Millwater Dental. I really need you all to understand how much of a phobia I have had for dentists. Ever since I broke my front teeth in a swimming accident at 10 years old in Zimbabwe and spent the day in the dentist’s chair while they repaired these broken teeth. It was the most painful experience I think I have ever had to endure. Since then from a 10 year old child to a 46 year old adult – it was time to get these crowns replaced whether I wanted to or not. I talked to Jason about my fears and that fact that I had a high tolerance to aesthetic. Jason took the time to do a full dental exam and (which even that scared me and made my hands sweaty) found that I needed a filling replaced. So he suggested he does this first to see how I tolerate the experience as well as the anaesthetic. Just the filling was amazing. Jason checked very often throughout if I was in any pain at all etc. The big day came for the crown replacements in two visits and I can say that Jason was the best. He made me feel comfortable, chatted and was gentle and kept checking in to see if I was in any pain at all. Jason was very patient with me through all my visits – and really listened – which I think is so important. I can so very highly recommend Jason for all your dental needs. I am no longer petrified to go to the dentist – thanks to Jason”

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