We realise that everyone is different!

This Comprehensive Care appointment is more than just a "check-up".  We thoroughly assess your whole mouth for oral cancer, gum disease and analyse how your jaw functions. We will examine your teeth and advise you of your levels of caries (decay) risk. We will also take any other necessary aides to help diagnose your oral condition. This may include digital scans of your teeth and jawbones, photos, study models of your teeth and maybe even test your saliva for levels of acid and bad bacteria if necessary.

All this information will give us a better understanding of your concerns and needs, so that we can design your individualised treatment plan for your long term oral health. This is the beginning of the long term relationship of oral care that we wish to start with you.

Our Comprehensive Care Experience is a one-hour appointment with the dentist, usually on your first visit, where together we discover the condition of your mouth, teeth, and gums. This is so that we can formulate a personalised dental care plan just for you.