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Our Team

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OUR PHILOSOPHY is that tooth structure is precious and should be preserved whenever possible: Minimally Invasive, Healthy, and Maximally Aesthetic. 


OUR caring team at Millwater Dental are all here to make you feel comfortable and help in any way we can.

WE provide a wide range of dental treatments, including family dental care, orthodontic teeth straightening, aesthetic solutions, and comprehensive rebuilds of your mouth. 

Your smile is your statement. Subtle changes can be the difference between a nice smile and a great smile. Everything we do reflects these details, from the colour, size, shape and alignment of the teeth to the framing of the teeth by the gums, lips and face.​ 


The heart of creating beautiful and healthy smiles is getting to know you. All information gleaned from the initial comprehensive interview is integrated into your personalised plan. This plan is based on evidence-based results and consulted with you every step of the way to ensure we are always travelling on your desired smile journey. These multiple steps are then simulated with our 3D modelling, and you can even possibly test-drive the proposed plan before we create your final smile, allowing predictability in treatment success. Our end goal is to design your smile that is functional and reflects a natural beauty of a smile.

We use the latest dental technology and techniques to give you a smile with care, compassion, and utmost respect. We seek to understand your dental problems and create smiles by carefully considering your dental needs. - Smiles by Design

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